Des Moines Downtown
View from proposed trail under SE 6th Street

The State of Iowa will never have majestic mountains, vast oceans, or a temperate climate but it has come to be known throughout the nation for its extensive trail system that rolls through beautiful countryside and along river and creek greenbelts, intimately connecting both our citizens and visitors to nature and wildlife. An investment in trails is a valuable and necessary investment in the community as a whole. Trails provide environmental, social, and economic benefits which continue to attract and retain residents, businesses, and visitors to the City.

The City of Des Moines has been working for the past several years on assembling funding for this project, which will cost approximately $2.5 million. Presently $825,000 in federal, state, and county grants has been raised in addition to a $150,000 private donation and $843,000 in City funds. A request is currently pending with Vision Iowa for a $760,000 grant award to complete necessary funding. Their board has REQUIRED additional private donations be committed through a grassroots fundraising effort to show broad public support before they will give the project final consideration on funding. The public’s help is necessary to meet this need and move the project forward.

Please consider pledging a donation of any amount to the Des Moines River Trail project by completing the online pledge form or mail it by November 30th to: Des Moines River Trail Citizen Initiative, c/o Vince Scavo, 3226 University Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50311. Please do not submit your donation funds at this time, however be sure to complete all of the information requested so that we can notify you when funding has been achieved and the project is proceeding.

Central Iowa Trails Map

Des Moines River Trail